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Telephone Systems/VoIP

Business Telephone Systems are a critical part of your day to day operations. Making sure you have the right equipment, cabling, and service will have an impact on your revenue and efficiency. VoIP, networking cables, equipment, and installation are all that Digital IP does. We’re the specialist you’re looking for.


In order to tie your San Antonio VOIP system together, high quality and technologically advanced cabling is essential. Digital IP Services installs cabling that meets or exceeds industry standards to connect your communication systems together. Digital IP Services will also make sure all cabling is out of the way using routing hardware and organization to keep your cables looking clean which will compliment your work environment.


Dictation has proven time and time again its value. Digital IP provides the latest in voice dictation/transcription hardware and software technology along with speech recognition software. Whether you prefer to use an iPhone app, digital portable, telephone, microphone or a hands free foot control/microphone we offer the options that suit your preferences.