San Antonio VoIP Installation and Service

Is your business using old equipment and communication strategies? Are you a new business that wants to make an impact in the market? If you mean business, then so do we. For more than four decades, Digital IP Services LLC(formerly Digitel) has been serving the business communities throughout south and central Texas. With our experience and cutting edge equipment we make it easier than ever to keep your company connected. We have been providing premier services for businesses no matter how big or small. Digital IP Services also takes pride in serving start up businesses in Texas. Not sure if you should switch over to Voice Over IP services (VoIP)? Read below for more information on the pros and cons of getting San Antonio VoIP services for your business in Texas and how we can best serve you and your company.

Pros And Cons Of Getting VoIP For Your Business

So what exactly is a VoIP phone? Simply put, a VoIP Phone (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses an IP network-just like the internet. Unlike the traditional PSTN network, that uses telephone copper lines and circuit switched telephone networks, the VoIP phone provides many more features. Choosing a VoIP system for your office is beneficial in the following ways:

VoIP: The Pros

Less Expensive – In most cases, a VoIP phone is cheaper than its traditional counterpart. And who doesn’t love to save money?

Portable – No matter your location or the location of your employees, a VoIP phone is easily moved, making it the perfect device for multiple branches or employees that work from home. Plus, you get to keep the same number wherever you go.

Turn Voicemails Into Emails – Not only is a VoIP phone able to provide all the regular features of a traditional phone, but it can also change voicemails into emails! Perfect if you need written out voicemails for records or to get back in touch at a later time via email.

Video Conferencing – Can’t make it to the meeting? No problem, with VoIP video conferencing you can hold meeting wherever and whenever.

Unlimited Nationwide Calling – With innovative San Antonio VoIP services, contacting a potential partner or customer is as easy and cheap as sending an email. For this reason, many VoIP providers offer unlimited nationwide calling.

Great For Personal Use – Were not saying use you work phone for personal calls, but many people are making the switch to VoIP phones in their homes. This is because VoIP installation in San Antonio is so simple and relatively inexpensive. A perfect option for people who have family across the United States and even overseas.

After reading the pros for VoIP phones it’s pretty easy to see why more and more people are switching over to this service. However, there are few drawback to be aware of before purchasing a VoIP.

VoIP: The Cons

Internet Connection – This can be seen as both a pro and a con. The only drawback since the VoIP system uses the internet, is if the internet goes down, stops working, you forget to pay your internet bill etc., you lose service.

Viruses – Since VoIP uses the internet the potential to get hacked or viruses is possible. Ask your expert San Antonio VoIP service provider how you can protect your system.

Bandwidth – VoIP services share bandwidth with computers in your office. That means using too much of one (computer or VoIP) can have an impact on the other.

As you can see, the the pros of getting a VoIP installed in San Antonio vastly outweigh the cons. Not to mention, the cons are either easily fixed, protected, or out of our control(power outages). Equipped with this information, getting VoIP services is in your best interest. Below, find out how Digital IP Services in San Antonio will install your new system, either in your home or office, today.

San Antonio VoIP Installation

With forty years of experience under our belts we are able to do it all! This includes installation, cabling, systems equipment and training. With technicians who have been cabling for over 20 years, we very seldom use CAT 3 cabling, as CAT ⅚e cabling is the best option for future requirements. We can guarantee a competitive price for our professional cabling and installation work. Don’t spend money on someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Chances are-we’ve fixed their mistakes in the past! We stand behind our products and our experienced San Antonio VoIp Installation. Start integrating your communications strategy with the rest of your business today.

Get The Best San Antonio VoIP Services With Digital IP Services

Adding VoIP or other digital IP services, is the best choice to keep your company (old or new)ahead of the game. In a world that uses technology for virtually everything, you don’t want to be left in the dust with your outdated equipment and processes. Your business is only as good as the digital services you use. No matter how you slice it, moving forward in any business relies greatly on your communications strategy. We guarantee that our San Antonio VoIP services give you that and so much more.

Are you ready to connect with your customer and team members? Find out how you can begin communicating like never before and watch your business grow right before your eyes. Contact us today for more information on how you can get San Antonio VoIP services installed in your business or home today.

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