Digital IP’s Creativity

Digital Systems - Telephone Systems in San Antonio

Phones connect people to one another who aren’t in immediate proximity. From telegraph signals to switchboard rotary phones to telephone wires to cellular phones, connecting from a distance has gone through its own evolution and continues to advance as technology creates new devices. But just as you’re asked to multitask in the business world every day, our digital systems can multitask, too.

Our phones are capable of many things at once to aid in a business’s daily needs. Our system can record calls for later reference or as storage of audio data. It can integrate and connect all kinds of devices to one another, such as a phone to a computer so that you can interact with what’s happening over the phone on the computer (helpful for editing, etc.). A mobile voicemail can connect to a smartphone, mobile voice, or a tablet. Being able to connect various devices together creates the ability to work dynamically with the material.

Another inward capability of our digital system is transcription. Being able to dictate and transcribe notes can save a lot of time and saves you from impossibly having to remember an entire transcript as well as avoids inevitable paraphrasing. Transcription allows more accuracy than memory could account for, and can be applied to any of the written or verbal material you’re engaging with– notes, emails, calls, etc. We also have voice recognition software to transcribe text from voice.

There’s a kind of creativity to our digital system in its versatility and balancing acts. Its’ multi-functional abilities keeps it flexible toward a business’s needs. Its ability to multitask makes your multitasking easier; its ability to integrate and connect to a number of different devices meant to aid in your work makes it an integral asset to any business large or small.

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