Is VoIP Right For Your San Antonio Business?

Digital Systems - Telephone Systems in San Antonio

Back when connecting to the internet meant dial tones and minutes(that felt like hours) before you were able to log on to the “world-wide web”, telephone systems in San Antonio, like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) were overlooked as unreliable and unnecessary technology. These days, where cellphones can be immediately used as internet “hotspots”, unreliable and dial up internet is … Read More

Should I Get a VoIP Telephone System in San Antonio?

VoIP Telephone System in San Antonio

If you’ve looked into San Antonio phone services in recent years, it’s likely that you’ve heard a lot of people talking about VoIP telephone systems. This isn’t surprising because that little acronym — which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol — has become quite commonplace in the last decade or so. Unfortunately, hearing the word being used by a wide range … Read More

San Antonio VoIP Installation and Service

Is your business using old equipment and communication strategies? Are you a new business that wants to make an impact in the market? If you mean business, then so do we. For more than four decades, Digital IP Services LLC(formerly Digitel) has been serving the business communities throughout south and central Texas. With our experience and cutting edge equipment we … Read More

Digital IP’s Creativity

Digital Systems - Telephone Systems in San Antonio

Phones connect people to one another who aren’t in immediate proximity. From telegraph signals to switchboard rotary phones to telephone wires to cellular phones, connecting from a distance has gone through its own evolution and continues to advance as technology creates new devices. But just as you’re asked to multitask in the business world every day, our digital systems can … Read More