Is VoIP Right For Your San Antonio Business?

Digital Systems - Telephone Systems in San Antonio

Back when connecting to the internet meant dial tones and minutes(that felt like hours) before you were able to log on to the “world-wide web”, telephone systems in San Antonio, like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) were overlooked as unreliable and unnecessary technology. These days, where cellphones can be immediately used as internet “hotspots”, unreliable and dial up internet is … Read More

Should I Get a VoIP Telephone System in San Antonio?

VoIP Telephone System in San Antonio

If you’ve looked into San Antonio phone services in recent years, it’s likely that you’ve heard a lot of people talking about VoIP telephone systems. This isn’t surprising because that little acronym — which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol — has become quite commonplace in the last decade or so. Unfortunately, hearing the word being used by a wide range … Read More

San Antonio VoIP Installation and Service

Is your business using old equipment and communication strategies? Are you a new business that wants to make an impact in the market? If you mean business, then so do we. For more than four decades, Digital IP Services LLC(formerly Digitel) has been serving the business communities throughout south and central Texas. With our experience and cutting edge equipment we … Read More

Nemertes Cloud Communications Imperative

As the needs of your business grows, so do, too, the capabilities of your communication system. The concept and implementation of the “cloud” have unleashed a tremendous amount of possibility and promise. Nemertes Research, an advisory and strategic consulting firm that specializes in analyzing and quantifying the business value of emerging technologies, has released their Q4 summary paper which explains in … Read More

Is It Time For Your Company To Consider VOIP?

Your old telephone system has done some incredible things during its time. It has connected your business to the outside world, driven innovation, and has generally made business easier. After all, could you imagine using an old 1860’s style telegraph system to implement a multi-national, multi-million dollar inventory management strategy? Neither could we. In 2017, businesses need to adapt to … Read More

Voice Recognition Software

Medical Researcher Using Dictaphone - san antonio dictation system

A voice is a powerful thing: each person, of all the billions on our planet, has a unique sounding voice. Each voice carries its own inflection, its own areas of dipping and falling, and its own tones. Before anything was ever written or drawn– before there were symbols to represent our understanding of the world– communication happened through sound. Stories … Read More

Digital IP’s Creativity

Digital Systems - Telephone Systems in San Antonio

Phones connect people to one another who aren’t in immediate proximity. From telegraph signals to switchboard rotary phones to telephone wires to cellular phones, connecting from a distance has gone through its own evolution and continues to advance as technology creates new devices. But just as you’re asked to multitask in the business world every day, our digital systems can … Read More

The Importance of Direct 911 Access

direct 911 access

In December 2013, when Brad Dunn left his children outside a hotel room and began stabbing their mother, the couple’s 9-year old daughter tried to call 911 for help but didn’t know to dial “9” to get out on a hotel line. Kids are taught to call 911 in the case of emergencies, but not given the caveat that some … Read More