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We have more than four decades of experience meeting the communication needs of businesses throughout central and south Texas, and we’re here to meet your needs too. A leading provider of the perfect connection solutions throughout the area, we make it as easy as possible for your company to stay connected.

Customer satisfaction and value are at the heart of everything we do, and we’re continually looking for innovative new applications and tools that will help empower companies just like yours. We’re developing solutions now to ensure you collaborate more easily and connect from anywhere at any time to help your business grow.

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We Serve Both Small and Large Business, Professionals, Residential Systems, and Start Ups.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and nowhere is that more true than at Digital IP. Our big product options come with serious service. We know how important your entire communications platform is to you, and we’ll stand behind it in a big Texas way the moment you contact us.

A system is only as good as it has been selected based on your specific needs, configured to meet them, and the users trained to take advantage of them. And that’s where so many vendors fall short, resulting in much consumer frustration due to lost productivity and revenue.

That’s why it’s significant that consumers we heard from reported that Digital IP Services in San Antonio TX (formerly Digitel) stood out above the rest for the ability to identify the right system for their needs, program it, and then offer full training and ongoing support.

Digital IP Services in San Antonio TX: Customers Cite As Local Stand-Out

The greater ability of Digital IP Services to find the right system for each user is due largely to the greater experience of owner Richard Slaughter who has been in the industry since 1973 and founded Digitel in San Antonio TX in 1981 since being renamed Digital IP Services. The company can provide the popular leading brands like ESI and Panasonic and takes pride in supplying systems with the latest features. Owner Richard Slaughter shares, “Every one of our systems comes with a true queue that lets callers wait in line to be answered, which prevents lost callers due to hang ups, and even the ability to record every call if desired for better employee training and automatic record keeping of that caller’s history with you.”

Other vendors might have systems with similar features, but they’re worthless when the user and their staff don’t know how to take advantage of them. And that’s where Digital IP Services really shines. Richard Slaughter explains, “Every customer of ours gets a dedicated trainer to stick with you or your staff until they’re sure you know how to use the features that will help you the most.” And it’s one of his people specifically proven great at teaching, not merely being left to the installing technician like most other companies try to get away with. Then Digital IP provides ongoing support with dedicated staff to take customer calls and answer questions or to find someone that can. Richard explains, “Only once they become customers do they truly realize just how well we take care of customers.”

Customers of Rich Slaughter and Digital IP Services in San Antonio TX who we heard from in our research bore this out, like one named Imelda who reported to us, “Anytime I have questions, they’re always available. I love Rochelle in his office. If she doesn’t know an answer she always finds an answer. She responds very well to email. I love that they’re always available anytime I have a question about something we need to do on our system.”

That ongoing support combined with identifying and customizing a reliable system has led to a high rate of customer satisfaction, according to consumers we heard from for this article, like Jennifer who told us, “About Digitel and Richard Slaughter, Medina County has been doing business with them for years. They put in several phone systems for us and we have been very satisfied with them. If I’ve had any issues they’ve been very prompt to get them taken care of. I am really happy with them.”

Digital IP Services also has a specific expertise in voice-recognition systems for transcription and even verbal input of database fields. “These systems have so many money-saving applications, and have especially allowed lawyers, doctors and other medical professionals to become immediately more productive,” explains Richard, “and that includes the ability to do it when out in the field or at the courtroom via smart phone, which then sends it to the office computer so it’s there and done when you get back.”

Digitel founder Richard Slaughter lives in San Antonio TX which has been home since 1977. He and his wife since 1978 have raised two children, one of which his daughter has helped out at the company since she was 15 years old and today manages the office. Until just recently Richard had a twelve year run doing team roping, a natural enough pursuit for someone who grew up on a ranch in Marble Falls Texas. Friends and family know him as relied upon to be helpful and friendly, and customers likewise cite knowing that he will always take care of them.

So to really get the most out of a system, you need a vendor already proven to be expert at finding out your exact needs, selecting and then programming the system to meet those, and dedicated to complete training and ongoing support over the years. Customers we heard from say that’s exactly what they found in Digital IP Services in San Antonio TX and owner Richard Slaughter. In the words of the long-term customer Imelda, “They are wonderful people. They really do stand by what they say they’re going to do. I’ve had nothing but a good response from them. They’re very helpful and I highly recommend them. Again, they’re absolutely wonderful.”

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